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Argos Panoptes
Argos, The Dutiful Warden
Aliases The Foreman, The Snake, The Torturer (Asterion)


Nikos (His family)

Gender Male
Height 5'3 / 1.6m (Coiled)
Place of Origin The Labyrinth
Species Snake

Argos Panoptes is grey-scaled anthropomorphic snake who appears in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel). One of the servants of The Labyrinth, he lives in The Valley and is tasked with assuring Asterion receives his due punishment. He serves as an antagonist in The Good Master Route and The Friendly Master Route, and as an ally in The Ruthless Master Route.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Argos bears grey scales and eye-like patterns all over his body. Unlike most other anthropomorphic Mythicals, he possesses a snake-like lower body which he uses to slither around.
The only clothing he is seen in is a white-furred bull hide, which he wears like a cowl. It can be easily implied the hide belonged to Asterion.

Background[edit | edit source]

Born from the labyrinth. Claims to be the same entity that watched Io ("the heifer"). Asterion says that he has exited for a few millennia now, which implies near the beginning of Asterion's imprisonment. Asterion claims that his shape changes every now and them, and also sometimes disappears for a few years, even decades. However, in Chapter 12, he inadvertently slips that he is a part of an "Argos lineage".

Claims that the gods gave him a task to aid the Master in enacting the minotaur's punishment, and that torturing him is a form of divine worship. Enjoys playing games to terrorize Asterion, and sends monsters made by the gods after him. Asterion believes that Argos is a monstrous creation of the gods but just "gifted with more intelligence than bloodlust".

After Clément left, Argos was alone in the valley, as the entities of the valley vanished too.

Argos had been associated with wooden flute-playing enough for Asterion to fear the sound. If you sign the contract immediately, he'll also bring out a tympanon that he has.

Mythology[edit | edit source]

In Greek mythology, Argos Panoptes was a giant who was tasked by Hera with guarding Io, the woman-turned-heifer who would one day found Crete. He is often described as having one hundred eyes, which allowed him to see in all directions without ever sleeping.
In the legend Argos was killed by Hermes, who liberated Io from captivity.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Argos' textbox pattern is reminiscent of a slithering snake, featuring the eye patterns found on his body. It's light gray to match the color of his scales.
  • The developers have repeatedly claimed Argos to be the most fun character to write.
  • When the developers asked on Twitter which sexual role Argos would take, fans considered him to be a bottom.
  • If you don't trick Argos, he happens to say that he's read most of the epics; In Chapter 3, he quotes from The Odyssey, Book 17,320 - 325:

"Servants never do their work when their master's hand is no longer over them, for Zeus takes half the goodness out of a man when he makes a slave of him."

  • If you sign the contract and then insult his music, he complains about brass instruments.

Theories[edit | edit source]

Snake Species[edit | edit source]

Argos' appearance seems to be based on the European cat snake.

Origin of the Bones[edit | edit source]

In Chapter 3, Argos is implied to have used Astragalomancy: throwing knuckle-bones from ruminants to tell the future. Seeing as Argos is able to possess an implied past hide of Asterion, it's not to far-fetched to assume the knuckle-bones also came from Asterion.

Parallels between Argos and Asterion[edit | edit source]

If the Master tricks Argos in Chapter 12, harp imagery is used for him and he laughs seemingly out of nowhere, just like Asterion in Chapter 7 before Gretta arrive. He also hugs you and buries his snout in your front.

Argos also has been alone for nearly 70 years and wears a cow hide.

Asterion has snake sheets, or a pattern that is described as snake-like.