Argos' Diary: 80th Entry

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This page contains partial or integral spoilers for Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel). All projects are best consumed without prior knowledge, preceed at your own risk.

Type: Contract
Obtainable: Story Progression / R&D

The Argos' Diary: 80th Entry is an item found by the master after Argos is attacked by the Effigy of Infamy. Its contents are encrypted by default and must be cracked in R&D.

Content[edit | edit source]

"The eightieth entry in Argos' diary, translated and decrypted from a page that fell off and found its way to you."

It can only be read by the Master of the labyrinth.

Christos, 80th of His Lineage. I am Christos of Crete, the 80th Argos, and hereby I record my mandate's beginning. Hear my tale, my dear descendants in the glorious lineage of Argos Panoptes, and inscribe within thee mine teachings.
The Son of Maia saw it fit for my generation to undergo three trials — to preach among humans and convince them of his glory, to steal an artifact from a museum and to survive thirty days in the wilderness without aid.
Whichever snake fared the best would earn the title of Argos Panoptes, but my treachery was so great that none dared to stand up against me. My feats were well known among my kin, so much so that many never thought of competing in the first place. Those who did I deceived into thinking the role was worthless, a lie, and so they fell into obscurity. A handful persisted, but I spoke the language of their hearts and found finer callings that sang sweeter — they then stood aside and victory was mine.
I arrived at the dawn of a new reign, Master Jean Marie's, son of Bordeaux. He knew war and sought peace for his and his compatriots' minds.
As customary I tempted him. His was a Christian mind so I offered old knowledge of the gods and forgotten tales of his saviour. Three times I slithered to his doorstep before he relented and prepared the order to send the prisoner out — but his acquiescence was victory enough.
I told then the tale of Joseph the Merciful, first Master after Christ, whose belief in the Son's mercy led him to releasing the minotaur of his tortures. That was the path the early Christians threaded, and what price he was willing to pay for vain curiosity! Master Jean Marie's visage grew paler than death and he lurked back into his feud. Never since has he accepted an offer of mine.
This is the soul I shall carve for my role — that of an honorbound deceiver. I shall merely draw forth what lies underneath the lord's veneer of humanity, revealing his personal truth.
The Master, Heifer and Foreman locked in playing out their roles like actors on stage. This is our worship and each generation's dance determines which deity will be honored.
This lord, what a fine lesson I taught him. I wonder, has he understood what his acquiescence entailed? Perhaps he realizes now the weight of shackles, how frightful unlimited power can be.

Hereby I pledge my oath to play the role of honorbound deceiver, to reveal the truth and in doing so instruct the lord. Fate is in humanity's hands and we stand witness."