Argos's Verbal Contract

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Type: Contract
Obtainable: Story Progression

Argos's Verbal Contract is a verbal agreement made between The Master and Argos in Chapter 11. The player is able to question three of the statements made; however, if they pick the Leader background, they can question five instead.

Content[edit | edit source]

Statement 1: Just last night, after I finished my prayers and rites, I found a bottle of wine.

Statement 2: Now, I thought about giving it to you --after all, you are the lord --but why not take this as a fun bonding moment? I shall give it to you, if you do this one specific thing for me.

Statement 3: I want you to prove your piety to the divine. After all the realm’s master is supposed to serve them in an act there will, is he not?

Statement 4: In ancient times, a hecatomb would be enacted –a hundred bulls would be sacrificed to the gods .but today's humans solemn enjoy getting their hands dirty.

Statement 5: Here’s what must be done: further to the east you shall find a dry riverbed besides an old, broken down set of kilns.

Statement 6: There you'll find a fitting sacrifice. There should be a bundle with a hardened lump --not too different from coal --inside the most decayed of all kilns.

Statement 7: You must take the offering and burn it, dedicating it to the divine.

Statement 8: To the South of the hotel the Valley goes further down, until it reaches a plateau. There is a path to its stop, where you will find shrines to a few deities.

Statement 9: Old, majestic shrines to the gods, created by the deities themselves when this realm was born. Pick any of the godmade shrines and burn the offering.

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Statement 1 - If questioned, Argos will confirm that the bottle is a full sealed bottle of the special healing wine.
  • Statement 2 - If questioned, Argos will clarify that he cannot be ordered around, and obeys the Master only if he too leads to fulfilling the god-given mission Argos values above all else.
  • Statement 6 - If questioned, Argos will add that there are some trinkets around as well.
  • Statement 7 - If questioned, Argos happens to say that the bundle contains flesh.
  • Statement 9 - If questioned, Argos confirms that one of the shrines, the smallest, a cairn with fabric tied around, is dedicated to a forgotten deity and he suspects Asterion constructed it. And that any of the god-made shrines will do.