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The daily agenda is a gameplay system introduced in version 0.5 of Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel) that expands on the Research and Development and Exploration mechanics by letting the player select what to do for the day.

The daily agenda, as of 0.5.1

Team management[edit | edit source]

The player can reorganize staff members and assign them to teams, or leave them free to do sidequests together if necessary.

Customize Asterion[edit | edit source]

The player can access the wardrobe screen from here and change Asterion's appearance.

Sidequests[edit | edit source]

As of 0.5 there are five sidequests available in the daily agenda.

  • Staff routes: if a staff member is not assigned to a team, the player can spend time with them, which will develop their characters further and improve their stats. As of 0.5, only four scenes with Luke are available, but more will be added soon.
  • Asterion's project: Starting on the fourth day of Chapter 14, the player can work on Asterion's project if Asterion is not assigned to any team. The project is lengthy (9 sessions), and can only be completed by the end of chapter 17 if the player ignores every other task up to that point. Advancing the project gives small increments to Asterion's affection, and completing it gives Asterion a Tech stat increase and additional affection (even more so if the player has the Tech background).
  • Talking to Robert: Robert joins the hotel as a guest in Chapter 15 and can be found in the lounge. If the player talks to him four times, he will become a staff member and become available for R&D and exploration.
  • Managing assets: if Themba has joined the staff, the player can spend time with him managing the hotel's assets. All of Themba's stats are put into raw material production. There are 8 scenes with Themba attached to this sidequest that play randomly, four of them are specific to the player's background (one for Leader, one for Math, and two for Tech, with one only playing on the Linux version of the game).
  • Cooking: if Khenbish has joined the staff, the player can spend time cooking with him to boost another staff member's performance temporarily for the day's R&D or Exploration session.