Eighteenth Tablet

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Obtainable: Exploration

Eighteenth Tablet: Skyros is one of the many Memento items that can be found in The Valley through the Exploration system in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel).

Content[edit | edit source]

A clay tablet revealing an ominous fate.

A redeemer takes on the shackles of those he liberates. That unbroken chain extends from the birth of mankind to this very day.
None are spared.
This tablet bears no ornaments.
The tablet reads:

I continue with my journey, now that my heart belongs to no land.
Crete I shall leave behind to seek a place which soothes
this unyielding wrath in my bosom.
I look to the northern sea and remember then my father’s legacy,
that he was close indeed to the monarch of Skyros.
It is as if the Fates themselves call me there
and I have no doubt their intention is for me to find me redeemer
or perhaps become one myself.

This world’s starry sky survived all the star-vanquishing dawns
and shall withstand them for ages more.
The starry sky and sins of men went on,
Asterion did not.

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Skyros - An island North of Aegean Sea. The island is named after the the colorful stones it's famous for. Skyron (Ancient Greek: Σκυρον, literally "stone debris").
    • According to Hellenistic tradition, Theseus would eventually die in Skyros after the ruler threw him off a cliff.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The verses The "The starry sky and sins of men went on, / Asterion did not." are a reference to the poem of Stesichoros Geryoneis. More specifically, the fragment XVI Geryon's End.
    • The original verses read: "The red world and corresponding red breezes / Went on Geryon did not"
    • Further reading into the reference, one can see a connection between Geryon's "red breezes" and Asterion's "starry sky." Geryon being heavily associated with his red wings and Asterion being named after the starry sky.