Eighth Tablet

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Obtainable: Exploration

Eighth Tablet: Labryskeeper is one of the many Memento items that can be found in The Valley through the Exploration system in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel).

Content[edit | edit source]

A clay tablet depicting a scene of treachery.

Mothers often warn their children from speaking to strangers. This prince’s mother, however, had long ago given up on words and fallen into a wailing madness. Left to his own devices, many important lessons were never taught to him.
This tablet is adorned with a traditionally Cretan motif, the two-headed axe.
The tablet reads:

For three days and nights I recovered from my burns,
The hybrid willfully assumed the role of caretaker for my father and I.
What hospitality he showed, my wounds he cleaned,
my father he readjusted two dozen times per day so no bedsores would ail him.

All the while, I pleaded for his help; “Have you not divinity within?
For your sire is Poseidon’s bull, your mother is Pasiphae the nymph.
Surely the labrys shall yield to thee; cut then my father’s thread
and release him from this gods-given curse.”

The pristine-horned hybrid looked at me with beady eyes.
“Indeed the axe burns not my skin but its weight is immense,
never have I dislodged it from its stone. Alas, my good prince,
did you not say Zeus himself granted your father the gift of eternity?
What right have I to strip away that which the Cronides gave?”

“The gods all granted us life and the Fates strip us from it.
It is only natural for a man to give death unto other –
did the gods not spill ichor in their Titanomachy?
Man only mimics that which the Olympians taught.
Wouldst one such as thee, with inhuman features,
believe yourself above the duty of bloodshed?
Fret not, a peculiar nature exempts you not from duty.
There is a mercy in edging one’s suffering,
and yet more grace in being vanquished by the craft of Hephaistos.
Please hospitable lord of the labyrinth, assist this son in his just mission;
fear not the axe’s weight for I shall train you.
Your visage will harden with maturity,
your back shall grow to be as wide as the steppes,
your thunderous bellow shall split the walls.
I shall train you much the same way my father taught me.
For as long as necessary I shall stand by your side, until the day
your might towers over the weight of Hephaistos’ crescent moons.

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Cronide - A term used to refer to the children of the Titan Cronos.
    • The term is often used to allude to the first generation of Olympians: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Demeter.
  • Titanomachy - Also known as Titanomachia, was the war between Gods and Titans for supremacy. The gods' victory cemented their place as Olympians.