Eleventh Tablet

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Obtainable: Exploration

Eleventh Tablet: Barter is one of the many Memento items that can be found in The Valley through the Exploration system in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel).

Content[edit | edit source]

A clay tablet revealing one of many tragedies leading to a boy’s demise.

This clay tablet is adorned with flower motifs, which cracked and warped during the cooking process.
The tablet reads:

The night stretched ahead, a veil of fear and darkness covered us.
A fire brimmed in my chest, perhaps in his as well.
No offer of pleasures could convince him to leave,
or to take up the thread-cutting axe to release my father.
A sharp crack awakened me from thought –
a single ember jumped from the basin down to the shallow pool.
I saw it fizzle and die, alone and cold –
what sharpness it brought to my eyes!
An idea leaped out from me before my own prudence took hold.
“Dawn-awaiting prince of Crete, for a dozen days
has my father and I taken shelter in your abode,
eating from your food and water.
As I said it was my mission to release father from pain,
to deliver him to the shores of Nyx, to the hands of Charon.
I am grateful for your hospitality – so would Tithonus,
had he mind enough to spare.
I wished to share with you a final memory of joy,
a single day of joy as we comb these beaches.
But that is not the case; your duty is too great.
The it is with sorrow that I must announce:
at the break of dawn father and I shall leave
the labyrinth and the soils of Crete, for somewhere
beyond these cloudy waters must there be another one,
inspired by the Olympians, who can end our journey.”

Dawn awaiting Asterion ceased his song and closed his eyes.
Grief seemed to consume him; a knot formed in his throat.
When words left him they were cracked and faltering.
“You know the arts of combat, do you not?
Your father, in his prime, taught you of a blade’s sharpness.
How long would it take for I to muster the might
to wield Hephaistos’ treasure, the thread-cutting axe?
Perhaps your words held wisdom, after all;
one must rise up to grant mercy and liberation
to a prisoner shackled by misfortune and disgrace.
I will do it, prince of Troy, I shall master the labrys
if you would grant me a simple, humble request:
do not leave me alone.”

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Nyx - Goddess of the night and one of first beings brought into existence. Prior to the arrival of Hades to the Underworld, it was Nyx who ruled it.
    • And so, by "the shores of Nyx" Laomedon means the river Styx in Hades.