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Exploration is one of the main systems that appear in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel). Guests and staff members can be assigned to explore The Valley in accordance to the Master's choices. While exploring, teams can return with Lore Drops, which depict, through text and descriptions, different stories that are related to Minotaur Hotel.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The player can assign up to three staff members to the Exploration team. Each member has individual stats, and the team has a stat total. At the end of an in-game day, if there's at least one member on the team, the team stat total will be accumulated and the game will determine if a reward can be obtained. Even if no reward can be obtained, the points are still saved for another day.

Stats[edit | edit source]

There are four stats that determine the exploration team's performance:

  • Mementos: necessary to find Mementos from the Hotel and Asterion's past which add more insight to the story.
  • Artifacts: necessary to find artifacts that can be used to improve the hotel or boost the staff member's performance.
  • Surveying: used to find raw materials that the hotel can't fabricate.
  • Danger: increases likelihood of a danger event.

Surveying[edit | edit source]

Raw materials are required by some R&D rewards and will have other uses in following builds.

The surveying stat determines how many raw materials can be obtained in an exploration session. There's a small chance of doubling the reward, or of not obtaining any. Players with the speedrunning background have a higher chance of doubling rewards.

Danger[edit | edit source]

If Danger is the highest stat on your exploration team, your team can get attacked by a creature in the Valley. Any of the team members can get injured for up to three days. If at least one team members is injured, the team points will not be accumulated and no rewards will be added.

Players with the Speedrunner background will have a small chance of overcoming the creature instead, and getting additional raw materials on top of the daily rewards.