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Obtainable: Exploration

First Tablet: Crescent Moon is one of the many Memento items that can be found in The Valley through the Exploration system in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel).

Content[edit | edit source]

A clay tablet narrating a dutiful son’s journey to Crete.

In Ancient times even a short trip would take years. Braving the sea always held the threat of death, so travel was reserved for blood-thirsty warriors, ambitious merchants and desperate wretches.
This tablet is decorated with crude crescent moon motifs. He who created them lacked the artisan’s talent but not his care.
The tablet reads:

It cut through my father’s neck like the sickle-harvested saffron from these rocky shores,
that unassuming crescent moon born of Hephaistos’ brilliance and Zeus’ turbulence.

From Asia Minor I came, bearing my father’s weight on my back as he once carried me.
During the spring of my life, and winter of his, we crossed the sea to King Minos’ Crete.
While my ailing father sailed his nightmares of old age I worked the oars
and prayed to the trickster from King Lycaon’s court, whose wisdom set us in this course.

Over the short sea we made our way to Crete, greeted by the wild ibex’s horns.
There I would find Hephaistos’ finest work, the crescent moons of Olympus –
those which bring night even to an immortal’s restless visage.
I am Laomedon, bastard son of Tithonus, once prince of Troy.
The sea I crossed and the labyrinth I roamed, for my father I would do it all,
no cost too high, no load to great, no trick unused.
Hear the tale of father’s liberation at the hands of the lonesome keeper of labyrinth
and the hybrid’s demise under the envoy of the gods.

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Asia Minor - Also known to the ancient Greeks as Anatolia, is a peninsula to the east of the Aegean Sea.
    • Most of its territory today belongs to Turkey.
  • Wild Ibex - Commonly known as Kri-Kri and Cretan Goat, are feral goats that inhabit the island. Both its meat and hide were highly valued in antiquity.
    • The goats are supposedly nonnative to the island. They are thought to have been brought to the island by early settlers.