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On behalf of all members of the Minotaur Hotel Team, thank you for taking interest in contributing to this Wiki and for your continued support of all projects.
Our aim with this project is to inform and catalog everything Minotaur Hotel in one easy-to-access place. We would also like to encourage its users to contribute, engage and theorize on its contents.
For the sake of consistency and good practice, some rules are to be followed by its users. This document will aim to provide you with said rules for engaging with this website.
As you can see, this website is powered by MediaWiki, which also powers the original Wikipedia. Though it has its limitations, it's also highly malleable and completely free of charge or advertisements. MediaWiki also provides it's users with a comprehensive guide that goes from very basics of editing the wiki and pages to HTML coding. If you want to assist with the wiki on a larger scale, it's imperative that you go over those documents. Using them as an index or quick guide is also highly reccommended.
You can find the documents here.

Basic Rules


As it is in the original projects, this website must be in American English. Avoid mannerisms, slangs or memes.

Foreign names

As Minotaur Hotel is based in ancient Greek mythology, many of its names have multiple English spellings; keep those consistent with in-project spellings and across pages. For foreign names that do not use the Roman Alphabet, you may depict their original spelling in parenthesis when they are first introduced. i.e. Asterion (Ancient Greek: Ἀστερίων, literally "starry one").

Be direct and impartial

Since one of the goals of this Wiki is to provide anyone who access it with information, brevity and neutrality are obligatory. Register events, characters, projects, etc. with utmost impartiality.

You are being watched

Moderators and administrators are able to see any change that happens on this website. That said, they are only to enforce their powers on serious circumstances.


Feel free to drop suggestions on improving pages in their respective Discussion page. See a suggestion you like? Respond with your agreement. Disagree? You can show it there too. Administrators hold the power of acceptance or denial of any suggestions. Avoid redundant posting of suggestions.


The practice of intentionally adding incorrect, misleading or defaming information to any page of this wiki will not be tolerated. Users that intentionally partake in such actions run the risk of being blocked from this website.

Do not be afraid

See a typo? Fix it. Incorrect information? Don't be afraid to correct them! There's no problem if you turn out to be incorrect yourself, either.



When you make an edit, a box where you can describe your change will appear. Describe your change with utmost brevity. For smaller changes (such as typos), check the "Minor Edit" box; these changes do not require a full explanation.


Many templates have been created to help shape the structure of pages in this wiki. In those pages, you will find instructions on how to organize a page. Only mods and admins are allowed to make new templates or alter existing ones; that said, do not be afraid to suggest changes and additions. You can find them here.


Do not rename or add new sections to pages; that power is reserved for administrators and mods only. Suggestions are always welcome!


Avoid leaving pages uncategorized. If you believe a new category or sub-category should be created, contact an admmin.



Depending on their ultimate use, files have standard sizes and formats; avoid breaking those standards as much as possible. The templates often hold said standards. Contact mods or admins if the standard is not depicted anywhere.


Do not upload irrelevant, unusable or redundant files to this website. Users that engage in such action repeatedly run the risk of being blocked from this website.


Only administrators and moderators are allowed to delete any file. See a file worth deleting? Contact a admin or mod.



You can interact with your fellow users in a page's Discussion page. Whatever is said there must be relevant to the original page. Formality is not mandatory in those spaces, but we ask that you keep it in English for the sake of your peers.


Always sign any response or topic with a full signature. The full signature is done by typing four Tilde (~) symbols in a row. i.e. Matydos (talk) 21:04, 6 March 2021 (UTC)

Be Civil

Discussion of disagreements on the state of the Wiki, theories or projects are welcome in this site. That, said you are to respect all members at all times. Resolve your grievances with courtesy, elsewhere or not at all. Behavior that disregard this rule, may result in a block from this Wiki.

Bad Behavior

Suspicious behavior such as threats or doxxing will result in a block from this website.

Fun is Allowed

The Discussion page can also be used for small jokes or to ask other users their opinion. As long as it pertains to the original page, such actions are allowed and welcome!


We are currently suffering with some issues regarding the functionality of the wiki. The team behind the wiki and all projects are working to fix them as soon as possible. For any inconvenience they cause, we apologize.

Discussion Page

For now, only one topic is allowed on the Discussion page. No responses are allowed either.
We ask you to perform your responses with the Greater-than sign (>). One additional sign for every "level" of response. This is a temporary measure while we fix the wiki.

As of 2021/03/08 this problem has been SOLVED!


In-code comments are also disallowed for now.
As of 2021/03/08 this problem has been SOLVED!


One of the commands in HTML that allows for greater customization of the Wiki. For now, we are experiencing a problem with authorization as well.
As of 2021/03/08 this problem has been SOLVED!

Final Considerations

We would again like to thank you for taking interest in this Wiki and the many projects associated with it.
We hope that whatever experience you have with this website is fun and engaging,

"We filled the game with plot threads and details that a person alone — I imagine — couldn't find out about it all. That's why we created the game forums, to facilitate this information exchange. The wiki is the next step in that direction"