Labyrinth's Constitution

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Type: Contract
Obtainable: Story Progression

The Labyrinth's Constitution is an item given to the player by Argos. As far as contracts go this is the first one related to the realm of The Hotel.

Content[edit | edit source]

A collection of scraps containing sections of the Labyrinth's Constitution. In truth, these pieces of parchment are merely a copy. The original Constitution of the Labyrinth does not exist in paper and, in fact, was never meant to be read by mortals. Its original format is beyond human understanding, and even today lies hidden from sight. This document, created by a scholar in times long past, is an attempt at translating a section of the Constitution into a human-readable format. The translator tried to translate, to the best of his skills, the peculiar calligraphies with which the original was written.

Fragment A
By the gods' combined ichor the Labyrinth is created, a prison for those deemed eternally unworthy of respite.
Through their ichor each god is allowed to leave a living legacy in the realm.
Olympus holds the right to judge and sentence souls to the Labyrinth.
For a soul to be sentenced to the Labyrinth it must be judged by the Twelve Olympians and Lady Hestia and Lord Hades. Lord Zeus, in accordance with his compromise to fairness, shall only cast a vote if a tie has been achieved after all others casted their votes. A soul shall be deemed guilty only if, after all fourteen have voted, there is a majority of votes deeming them guilty.

Fragment B
Upon the signature of this document, Bright-Eyed Athena shall pick a man to take on the role of Master of the Labyrinth — henceforth called "Master"
The Master shall receive ownership of the realm. He may transfer, sell, borrow and bequeath it to any individual born of human parents.
Only a male can take on the role of Master.
The heroes of Bright-Eyed Athena and their lineages are forevermore forbidden from taking on the role of Master.
Should the Master perish, then ownership of the realm shall transfer to whomever the deceased Master picked as heir. In the absence of such an heir, then the Master's oldest living male offspring shall receive it. Should there be no male offspring then the Master's oldest male sibling shall be picked. If there are no siblings then the oldest living nephew. If there are none then the closest ascending male relative shall be picked.
If there exists no appointed heir and there are no applicable living relatives then the token of ownership reverts to the Overseer, who shall then select a new Master among mankind.
The Olympians shall vote and pick an Overseer.
With the exception of the Overseer, the gods of Olympus, their associates, Lady Hestia and Lord Hades are hereby forbidden from entering the Labyrinth without express invitation from the Master of the Realm.

Fragment C
Asterion is sentenced to eternal torture and the Master is sovereign in his divine mission of bringing him punishment.
The Master, sovereign lord of the Labyrinth, must use his human ingenuity to bring about the punishment he deems fitting to the prisoner.
The prisoner's body shall bend and shift according to the Master's command, so fitting punishment may be applied. However, the prisoner shall forever maintain his essentially hybrid, infamous shape.

Fragment D
The Labyrinth will pull the lost, wanderers and dregs of mankind into itself — henceforth known as "guests".
The Master must abide by the teachings of Lord Zeus and offer hospitality to the guests. It is his duty, and the realm's mission, to provide them respite just as much as it is to torture the prisoner.
The Master holds the right to employ and recompense guests to aid in his mission.
The Labyrinth shall pull in people in accordance with the Master's specifications, from whichever location is appointed by him.
Unless otherwise stated, the Labyrinth shall pull in lost beings located anywhere under the firmament but no deeper than the surface of the Earth.

Fragment E
The Labyrinth's fauna, flora and geography will act as to bring the prisoner suffering in whichever way is possible.
The Master may, through contract, determine which forms of life the Labyrinth may spawn and what behaviours they may display.

Fragment F
The Labyrinth shall materialize and fabricate the material means for the Master to realize his mission.
The Labyrinth shall provide the material means demanded by the Master, who holds the right to grant similar permissions to others.
The Labyrinth shall not materialize salt, gold, silver, tyrian purple, spices, saffron and other such objects which are currency or analogous to it.
Bright-Eyed Athena, during the creation of the Labyrinth, will provide a finite list of banned substances, which must be approved by the Overseer.

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