Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel)

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Minotaur Hotel
Type Visual Novel
Genre Furry
Original Release September 8th 2019
In progress
b 0.5
Writer MinoAnon (Lead)
Artist / Programmer Nanoff (Lead)
Aleph (UI / Character Design)
Eddio (Character Design)
GigaSaddle (Artist)

Minotaur Hotel is an erotic furry visual novel focusing on management and deep lore, featuring LGBTQ+ themes and imagery. The visual novel is based off the original Quest, an interactive story where members of a forum or image board vote on what happens next. It features writing by MinoAnon, writer of the original Quest, Nemo0690, Kangarube and Awoo; it features art and coding by Nanoff. Aleph, Eddio and GigaSaddle also assisted with User Interface and character design elements.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The player becomes the Hotel's new manager and meet the keeper — Asterion, the minotaur from the Greek legend, sentenced by the gods to spend eternity there.

In their mandate as Master of the hotel the player faces with many choices — treating the minotaur humanely or not, dealing with the hotel’s magical workings and entities, and managing a growing cast of fantastical employees. By sending out teams to explore the valley below the hotel you will find ancient artifacts and mementos, which will reveal more about Asterion’s past and the realm’s history.

The way Asterion is treated and the hotel is managed affects the story, leading to a replayable experience where each playthrough reacts to your play style and reveals different parts of the story.

Production[edit | edit source]

The details of the game's production are revealed through the constant stream of devlogs the creators post. Those provide not only a sense of the production but include topics relating to other Visual Novels, programming tips and requests for fan input. Develops are released at least once a month to keep the players up to date with the production.

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