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The player background selection screen from the beginning of the game.

Backgrounds is a system that appear in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel). It allows for players to pick from a set of backstories for The Master. Each background offer perks and unique choices during conversation. The player must pick their background during the Prologue chapter and cannot be changed, thus in order to see the different content, one must start a new save file.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

The player's background has different effects on dialogue and gameplay systems such as R&D, exploration, and the Day manager. Some player choices are specific to a particular background. They also unlock unique clothing options for Asterion in The Wardrobe, such as the T-shirt.

Humanities[edit | edit source]

BgHumanities.png "You are better at crafting contracts and get additional options from them. You're also good at handling bureaucratic situations."

The humanities background adds two bonus points to the Contracts stat on R&D. It affects some conversations, such as allowing the player to trick Argos in their first encounter.
The symbol for this background is the Laurel Wreath. The crown, is a symbol of victory and accolade in ancient and classical times.

Leader[edit | edit source]

BgLeader.png "You are charismatic and a good mediator in conflicts. You are able to make some choices that are fixed for other backgrounds."

The leader background lets the player argue his way out of complicated situations, such as getting extra questions when interrogating Argos.
This background is symbolized by the Golden Star. In many schooling systems, the item is given to the best performing students.

Arts[edit | edit source]

BgArts.png "You have a vast knowledge of literature, arts and architecture. You can make renovations to the hotel that bring in additional guests."

The Arts background will let the player change the appearance of some of the common areas of the hotel, and get a second choice between the three optional guests introduced in 0.5.
The Ionic Column is the symbol for this background. One of three types of columns used in ancient Greek temples, this one bore two scroll-like spirals on its top's borders.

Technology[edit | edit source]

BgTech.png "You are knowledgeable about computer systems and engineering. You can lend additional help in tech R&D projects."

The tech background adds two bonus points to the Tech stat on R&D. This lets the player comfortably complete the internet and Wine Bottle sidequests in time without the need of sending Asterion out into the Valley.
Binary Code represents this background. Binary code is the most basic form of representing data and instructions for computers; it uses the combinations of two symbols (0 and 1).

Math[edit | edit source]

BgMath.png "You are analytical and thorough. You have access to additional information that leads to better team management and optimization."

The math background displays information in the team management screen such as accumulated stats for each team and an estimated number of possible rewards with a given team configuration. Starting in 0.5 they can see the number of progress points necessary to complete a guest route or relationship in the Guest screen.
The symbol for this background is a Cosine Graph.

Speedrunner[edit | edit source]

BgSpeedrunner.png "You get additional loot from exploration, and may turn a danger event to your advantage. Some characters don't take you seriously."

The speedrunner background adds more humor to the game. Guests don't take the main character seriously, the first and second Argos challenges are skipped. In chapter 10 you can choose an extra accessory for Asterion. The background also affects exploration: the player is more likely to get additional surveying rewards, and during a Danger event there is a 40% chance that the player will get extra raw materials as well as accumulating points and getting a Memento or Artifact, turning the danger mechanic into a high risk, high reward event instead of something that should be avoided.
A Game Controller represents this background. The item is used to perform actions in video games; for video game platforms, the article is the standard way to play.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nanoff, main artist for the game, originally pitched the backgrounds of Veteran, Medic and Store Clerk. The reasoning behind it was to add options that are not necessarily based on academic prowess or talent.
    • The developers have said they would like to get back to adding backgrounds like those. Their wish is players have at least one background they can identify with.