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Robert of Geneva
Robert, The Demon Lawyer on vacation.
Aliases n/a
Gender Male
Height 7'3 / 2.13m
Place of Origin Geneva, Switzerland
Species Demon

Robert is a character who appears in Minotaur Hotel (Quest). He is introduced on Build 0.5 of Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel), and can be recruited to join the hotel's staff as its lawyer.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Robert is a large, overweight demon with an intimidating appearance. He has light red skin, but part of his body, like the front of his torso, his arms, and the top of his head are covered in hardened magma. Robert has a third eye on his forehead that seems capable of following the player with its gaze. The inside of his mouth, shown when he's surprised, is bright yellow.

He wears three outfits in the visual novel: a lilac sweater vest, a light blue polo, and his courtroom outfit: a kilt, leather straps and a wolf and lamb pelt across each shoulder.

Background[edit | edit source]

In his appearance in the quest, Robert is a demon lawyer who's grown tired of his usual line of work. He chooses to join the hotel's staff as it provides him with interesting opportunities to study how its contracts work.

In the visual novel, Robert maintains his role as a background character that isn't interacted with much, unless the player decides to do his sidequest to get to know him better.

Unlock conditions[edit | edit source]

Robert joins the hotel as a guest in chapter 15. A sidequest is then added to the Daily Agenda, if Robert is talked to four times in the lounge he will join the staff permanently and become available for R&D and exploration.

Status[edit | edit source]

Robert's stats when first recruited are as follows:

Contract 4
Tech 0
Memento 2
Artifact 2
Surveying 0
Danger 2

Robert is, naturally, best suited for contract work, but has decent Exploration stats.

Mythology[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Robert's textbox pattern is based on Swiss embroidery patterns, and features the Swiss cross. It's lilac, matching his sweater vest.
  • When the developers asked on Twitter which sexual role Robert should take, fans considered him to be a switch.
    • Soon after the post, they confirmed Robert was originally planned to be a switch.
      • In a faux callout post, Roddorod, developer of the Visual Novel Nerus, claimed Robert was originally a top instead.

Gallery[edit | edit source]