Statute of St. Joseph the Merciful

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Type: Contract
Obtainable: Story Progression
An ancient oath of servitude that Asterion swears to the Master that prevents the creatures of the valley from harming him in the hotel.
Lasts from the time it's taken until the next master arrives, at which Asterion and the Hotel is made vulnerable.

Content[edit | edit source]

By the provisions under the Statute of Joseph the Merciful, the Prisoner Asterion pledges loyalty and servitude to the Labyrinth's Master.
The Prisoner is made Keeper of the Hotel above the valley, and is bequeathed the power to realize the Master's will.
The Master in turn binds the Labyrinth, forbidding its malicious entities from leaving said valley.
The realm was engineered to torture the Prisoner, and indeed its mission shall be accomplished.
The Prisoner will carry the burden of servitude, but shall not suffer the Labyrinth's wrath within the Hotel's territory.
The Prisoner, shielded by his Master's will, is made safe as long as his duty is fulfilled, under the terms of the Statute.

Will Master ___ take Asterion as his servant, under the terms of the Statute?

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Provisions under the Statute - In Chapter 2, Asterion clarifies that this is not the full Statute and that one article of the full Statute allows Asterion to summon food for himself.
    • Asterion notes that the swearing of the oath in the past was a formal event where the full statute was read, but the abbreviated version The Master gave in Chapter 1 was sufficient to grant all the powers granted.
    • MinoAnon has clarified that orders from a master (e.g. Clément ordering Asterion to not use the Hotel's powers to feed himself) can override the Oath somewhat.