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Storm, The Runaway Minotaur
Aliases Storm


Gender Male
Height 6' / 1.8m
Place of Origin Hinterlands, Brazilian North East
Species Minotaur

A young, black-furred, Brazilian Minotaur who adopted the name Storm (Portuguese: Tempestade) after running away from home, appears in Minotaur Hotel (Quest) and Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel). In the VIsual Novel adaptation, along with P, he searches for a way to The Hotel during the Hinterland Chapters.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Storm bears black fur and a pair of short, ivory-colored horns. In his head one can find an ear-stretcher in his right ear, messy fur and a dark snout. His shirt (or whatever he has over his body) never fully covers him as a bit of his midriff is seen.
When P finds him, Storm is wearing a blue soccer tee and jeans shorts. Other outfits of his include a white shirt with a dark jacket and beige shorts, and overalls.

Background[edit | edit source]

Storm was born in 1998 in the Hinterlands and grew up raised by a single mother who abused him. She assured storm that his father was human. Mother's father and the fathers of her 6 other children were fishermen from the east coast. His mother was unable to have any more children after him. His siblings blamed him for everything that went wrong in their lives.

Storm did well at math, grammar, and logical philosophy in school, but didn't at history, geography, and especially biology. Shortly after being punished for failing biology and fighting back, Storm was taken out of school.

He ran away from home multiple times, but always returned home.

Mythology[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Storm's textbox scroll has a Greek pattern frequently found on vases. It's reminiscent of wheat, which Storm occasionally chews on and represents his rural upbringing and the heritage of his species. It's dark gray to match the color of his fur.
  • Storm's soccer tee is based on the Brazilian team Corinthians'. It was changed to avoid copyright issues in game.
  • Storm's introduction mirrors Asterion's. Both are seen sitting in a similar position before being approached by a man who "liberates" them.
  • When it comes to coffee, before meeting P, Storm would use loads of sugar and whatever he could to drown out the taste of burnt coffee.
    • Since P knows how to make some good coffee, Storm learnt that black coffee without sugar can taste well.

Theories[edit | edit source]

On the Autism Spectrum[edit | edit source]

  • Did well at concrete subjects in school, but with less systematic classes he did not do so well in.
  • Interpreted literature very differently than his peers