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Most complete/official name possible
Name, + The + Adjective(s) + 1 word descriptor i.e. Wojak, The Feels Guy
Aliases Titles, Pet Names, Shortenings, Metonymies
Gender Male, Female, Non-binary, Unknown
Height {{{height}}}
Place of Origin City, State/Province/Region, Country
Species in case of "furry" characters their species is their original animal's

Character summary. Present their place in their given project(s) with utmost brevity and impartiality. Heavy spoilers never go here.


Explain details about the characters appearance, such as hair/fur color. When describing their attire, start with their "main" or "unique" attire; there is no need to describe clothing that appears in multiple characters beyond the fact that they wear them. i.e. if the character can wear the Minotaur Hotel uniform, inform "they can also wear the Minotaur Hotel uniform" and nothing more.
For characters with multiple forms, describe said forms' appearances in bullet list format. Note that, different apparels do not equal different forms.
Yes, descriptions of genitalia also go here. Make sure they are the last description in this section.
Gallery goes also goes here. Add remove the "pre" parts from the from the source. You can add up to 8 200px x 200px images and multi line descrition.



Area for detailing events preceding those in the in-project. Consider "in-project" as the characters main appearance. i.e. Laomedon life before what happens in Laomedon's Tablets would go here, but not the events depicted there.


For Category:Staff Members only!
Character status that affect Exploration and R&D.


This is the space for "real world" mythology. Beware not to mix them up with the mythology in Minotaur Hotel projects.


Additional info that does not relate directly with the story. Fun details and development stories also go here.
Present them in bullet list format.


Space for community input theories. Aside keeping different theories as different topics, no specific rules or guidelines for presenting them. Keep your descriptions brief and make your clues and reasoning clear.