VIP Room

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Picture of Wardrobe Screen in VIP Room

The VIP Room was an Easter Egg in early versions of Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel). It could be accessed by typing "Anon" as the Master's name. It contained developer messages and an early version of The Wardrobe, which allowed players to run the early game with Asterion's fully healed sprites.
The VIP Room was removed from the game from release 0.3.1 onwards, as the developers were no longer satisfied with how it looked and functioned.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the VIP the player could change Asterion's fur color to ones not found in-game. Namely the colors: blue, yellow, red, purple, red, and a spotted pattern.
    • The blue fur is a possible reference to Babe the Blue Ox, Paul Bunyan's giant pet and/or travelling companion.
    • The purple fur is a reference to Killigan from Killigan's Treasure, another furry Visual Novel.