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Cooking is an optional mechanic added in the version 0.5 of Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel). If Khenbish is recruited, an activity will be added to the Daily Agenda, where the player can spend time with Khenbish cooking for another staff member, to temporarily increase their performance for one R&D or Exploration session.

If Khenbish's route is completed, his cooking adds an extra 2 points to a random stat on top of the usual bonuses.

Starting recipes[edit | edit source]

Khenbish starts out with three recipes.

  • Khorkhog: increases Memento and Artifact by 2.
  • Khuushuur: increases Tech by 3.
  • Suutei Tsag: decreases Danger by 2.

Additional recipes[edit | edit source]

Throughout the game, there are optional events where the player and Khenbish can choose a staff member to cook for. This adds a new recipe to Khenbish's menu and gives the chosen staff member a permanent stat increase. If the recipe is cooked for the same guest, the effect will increase. As of 0.5, there's only one of these events, at the end of Chapter 17.

  • Lamb with stamnagathi: Cooked if Asterion is chosen. Increases Memento by 3 (4 if cooked for Asterion). Increases Asterion's Memento stat by 1 permanently when first cooked.
  • Texan barbecue: Cooked if Luke is chosen. Increases Surveying by 3 (4 if cooked for Luke). Increases Luke's Surveying stat by 1 permanently when first cooked.
  • Unagi donburi: Cooked if Kota is chosen. Increases Artifact by 3 (4 if cooked for Kota). Increases Kota's Artifact stat by 1 permanently when first cooked.
  • Zürcher geschnetzeltes: Cooked if Robert is chosen. Increases Contract by 3 (4 if cooked for Robert). Increases Robert's Contract stat by 1 permanently when first cooked.
  • Bobotie: Cooked if Themba is chosen. Increases Contract by 2 (3 if cooked for Themba), and Tech by 2. Increases Themba's Tech stat by 1 permanently when first cooked.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Khorkhog is a Mongolian dish where lamb meat is cooked inside a container (traditionally milk jugs) with heated stones and water.
  • Khuushuur is a Mongolian fried dumpling containing meat, onions or garlic, and salt.
  • Suutei Tsai means "tea with milk" and is a traditional Mongolian tea brewed with milk and salt. It is typically served with Boortsog.
  • Lamb with stamnagathi: a Cretan dish where lamb is accompanied with stamnagathi, a wild chicory native to the region.
  • Texan barbecue often includes beef brisket, pork ribs and sausage, with potato salad as a common side dish.
  • Unagi donburi, often shortened to unadon, is a Japanese dish where eel fillets are cooked in sweetened soy sauce and served with rice.
  • Zürcher geschnetzeltes (Zürich style sliced meat) is a Swiss dish with sliced veal strips cooked in white wine, cream and demi-glace. Usually served with rösti.
  • Bobotie is a South African dish consisting of spiced minced meat topped with an egg and milk-soaked bread mixture, served with a variety of toppings like rice and chutney.