Goatskin-bound Notebook

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Obtainable: Exploration

Goatskin-bound Notebook is one of the many Memento items that can be found in The Valley through the Exploration system in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel).

Content[edit | edit source]

A tiny notebook, a tad smaller than a human’s hand. The same poem is written in its pages a dozen times, with diminutive variations over each version.
At the end there is one final scrawl, different from all others. The handwriting is poor and cramped.

A grain of sand has led my mind far back
wherever memory could choke my throat
or blind my sight. I’m helpless before her.
Too open a mind, too keen to recalls,
and trouble imprints eidetically there
wherever it can. A hug can be held
in mind, but lows leave tender bruises, scars,
the ugliest scars of distrusting friends;
Of ulterior suspicion all based
on off-hands ribs, ignorant sleights and jolts
the other half forgot. If only I
had not this stone-sure trap between my horns.
I can’t help but hate my position, ‘blest’
lone patriot of tense Mnemosyne.

“What nonsense; bland indulgence, whining, and--”
It’s all cemented in; what’s light just froths
and floats up over top, bottom stagnant
and suffocating: Still. This caustic rot
bears not a use: it raises none like yeast
nor delights like drunkenness. Why keep on?
“Just stop. This endeavor just escapes you.”

A thicker skin is necessary, but
perhaps with fewer gatekeepers to track
who earned their self-esteem already, then
more would get strength and grit and earnest self
sufficiency. It takes only one time:
one rightly placed blow hobbles the balance.
No strength is gained from craven exposé
and testing jabs when wounds are open, sore,
and bleeding still. A coagulant, or
astringent tonic needed – not friction,
blood-letting, bones re-set and abound, toxic
applied in ‘therapeutic’ doses. The hope
is hypertrophy – but not yet – but soon –!--?...

“What nonsense; bland indulgence, whining, and--”
A pace that functions, lasts and grows more strong
elusive is. That’s all that’s simple here.
What growth not stymied tortures by, is razed
by just as close as possible a source.

A mother’s madness inherited here?
“Just stop. This endeavor just escapes you.”

“I know I offer precious little, but
what little offered: precious is, I hope.”

Theories[edit | edit source]