Olympians' Trial: Hades

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Type: Memento
Obtainable: Exploration

Olympians' Trial: Hades is one of the many Memento items that can be found in The Valley through the Exploration system in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel).

Content[edit | edit source]

One of the transcripts of the Trial of the Olympians that decided Asterion's fate.

Hades, God of the Dead and King of the Underworld, was in favor of Asterion, but could not come. He instead sent a letter through Hermes, who read it out loud:

"Hereby I declare that Asterion of Crete was rightfully judged and sentenced by the Court of Hades. By the word of Lord Zeus, as sworn over the name of Styx, the underworld and its citizens belong to me — as such, my courts are the only institution with legitimacy, competence and wisdom to judge the souls of the dead.

Any and all attempts from Olympus to perform this role are illegitimate. This trial is a farce.

Still, in case the brat does succeed in making it happen, here is my vote: Asterion of Crete should remain in the realm of Hades.

Here are my arguments: if the brat accuses him of cowardice, by the Styx I attest he isn't. Not a day after his arrival he proved his worth in combat and became a guard of the realm. In less than a year he climbed the ranks and joined the royal guard. Since then I've turned him into a sparring partner — by the river Styx I attest his bravery and prowess.

If the brat accuses him of defiling a relic: know that he cleansed it with his own lifeblood, and never was there a finer sacrifice.

If the brat accuses him of taking a life meant to be everlasting: the Fates themselves have sworn otherwise. Tithonus was born to die, as all mortals, and his wife cared so little about it she could not be bothered to send a testimony when his soul was judged in my court.

If the brat accuses him of betraying his country, shaming his family, subverting the natural order: the self-sacrifice of Asterion of Crete was recognized and accepted by Olympus itself, for which the curse upon the lineage of Minos was removed.

This trial is illegitimate and an affront to the binding oaths that sustain Olympus. The defendant is innocent and Olympus itself already ruled in his favor when the curse upon Crete was removed."

Asterion of Crete will remain in my realm, where he belongs. Any and all attempts to remove the citizens of the underworld will be met with force."