Seventeenth Tablet

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Obtainable: Exploration

Seventeenth Tablet: Pyre is one of the many Memento items that can be found in The Valley through the Exploration system in Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel).

Content[edit | edit source]

A clay tablet revealing a prisoner’s liberation.

In face of death one would do well to spare the words.
A flame, burning on a basin, adorns this tablet’s bottom. The margins are lined with circles, presumably representing coins.
The tablet reads:

He was Asterion, son of Queen Pasiphae and raised by King Minos,
He was sired by Poseidon’s white bull with the aid of crafty Daedalus.
He who was seafoam-haired, pristine-horned, blessed with Hera’s gaze,
of stepped-wide back and forever dawn-awaiting,
liberated my father from unbearable shackles
and in so doing took the weight of his curse.
Together we bled ichor on the god’s basin and
for our infinite hubris incurred their wrath, forever more.

I remained in Crete but did not see the labyrinth’s crimson wals
until word came of an Athenian warrior favored by Ariadne,
Loud-Bellowing Asterion’s sibling. She told him of the secret
I delivered, according to the hybrid’s wishes
– but in truth she knew it already, for Daedalus left her the knowledge.
The Athenian ventured the labyrinth with a ball of yarn,
there he found his mark, the supposed fearsome beast.

The palace of Knossos will have you believe torrid-born Asterion
fought for his life against the invader’s might.
But I ran to the labyrinth as soon as I heard word
and found once more the cracked basin filled with dark and red.
His body lay on his side, in a headless slumber,
with the Thread-cutter labrys at his hooves.
Indeed, his redeemer had arrived and liberated him
as, I tell myself, the Fates wished.

I should believe he is now freed from his torrid lot in life,
that he shall find peace among his adoptive descendant,
virtuous King Minos of Crete who founded this very country.
But why am I consumed by sorrow and ineffable weight?
I look at his remains and what wrath fills me to see
that the Athenian took my friend’s horn as trophy,
The cursed labrys, Hephaistos’ crescent moons, he left behind
now stained with godly and mortal fluid alike.

King Minos’ guards arrived as I completed his pyre.
They did not stop me, in fact gathered wood they did
but the pristine-horned one’s last shred of ivory they took back to the king.
A gold coin I left under my friend’s tonger, to appease Charon.
On the basin he faithfully tended he departed from this land.

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Daedalus' Aid - In order for Pasiphae to "take the bull's lurch" the craftsman built her a hollow cow statue.