The Master

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The Master
The Current Master of the Labyrinth
Aliases The Jailer
Lord (Argos, Asterion)
Sir (Asterion)
Boss-man (Luke)
Emperor (Asterion, jokingly)
the Kind (Asterion)
Gender Male
Height Up to the player/reader
Place of Origin Up to the Player
Species Human

The Master acts as the protagonist in Minotaur Hotel (Quest) and Minotaur Hotel (Visual Novel). As he is supposed to be the reader's self insert, he lacks an official name; the Quest permanently omitting it, the Visual Novel allowing for a custom name input. His primary function is to lead and manage the Hotel to his desires. In the visual novel, the player's choices decide the kind of development the Master has; notably it can be categorized as good, friendly or ruthless.

Background[edit | edit source]

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The character is a cisgender male human.
In the original Quest, nothing is known of his backstory, not even where and how he acquired The Deed is clearly stated. Though his background could be inferred by the abilities he possesses, much of what he can or can't do is determined by dice rolls; thus it can never be truly stipulated.
In the visual novel adaptation, the Master had been traveling extensively in his car before the start of the story.
In Chapter 13, it is revealed that he learned to make bread at some point in his life.

Theories[edit | edit source]

Canonically Is Not Fluent in French[edit | edit source]

In the Prologue, no matter the background, at times The Master is not able to understand Clément, as he "rambles" in a "language you [don't] understand". Although it is perfectly possible that this "language" is gibberish, it would make sense that Clément would talk to himself/be the most prone to rambling in his native language.